My Beginning…

I graduated school in 1999 and the big question popped into my head… What will I do now? I was fortunate enough to have fairly good grades at school which provided me the opportunity to further my studies at a tertiary institute. Unfortunately we did not have very good guidance counselors so I was at a bit of dead end. Don’t even think any teacher will be able to tell you about SAP or ERP!

Now believe me this was not the easiest thing to do as I needed to decide what I was going to study. After having gone for assessments I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed business and understood IT. I took a course at the university that would best suite me. The course was and still is BCom Informatics. It consists of all the necessary modules to ensure a successful professional career, but you needed to work hard.

I live in South Africa and at that stage getting a job as a white ‘Afrikaans’ male was not the easiest task in the world. You needed to have special skills and determination else you will not get ahead. I will also not sell myself as the best student in the world so my marks were average, big mistake! Do not believe it when someone tells you the following: “As long as you pass and get 50% you are doing great, 51% in the real live is distinction.” This is what I call plain bullshit!

I liked to go out with the mates and have a few, ok I’m lying, a lot of drinks. Why should I worry, 50% and I pass! When you’re 18/19 years old I promise you something like a monthly bond or insurance does not even concern you. I guess if we all had financial education at school or at home most people in the world would be better off. My children need not worry about that because I will teach them and at least I will know I gave them some of the best advice in the world. Ok back to my story. I finally finished my tertiary education in 2003/01. I should have been finished by 2002/11, but due to my lack of commitment I needed to complete 6 modules instead of 3 modules. This was a very big mistake and caused a lot of stress at the tender age of 21. Also I took the easy way out. I started with subjects like accounting, economics and statistics as my add-on subjects for my degree, but I ended up with communications and entrepreneurs as my final year subjects. Now do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with these subjects it is just I am good, very good, at maths and figures makes sense. You will understand later why I’m bitter about this.

For now I’m going to leave the story here until the next post…

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